Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Processing my stories!

That is what memory keeping enables me to do, in any way that I like!

Many years ago my friend and I travelled over an hour by train to Sydney just so we could take a ride or two across Sydney Harbour on the little chugging ferries that plied the routes in those days.
When it was a steaming impossible week in the western suburbs the very anticipation of our adventure filled day made everything bearable.

The quilt designed patterned paper is an integral part of this page. Just like a quilt this gorgeous man, Super Star is full of warmth and love! He also looked pretty snazzy in his new red sweater on a road trip we enjoyed too.

We will be creating our own memory pages at Time To Create today. Each person will use the same papers and maybe, similar embellishments. The joy is that every one will take home two pages that are entirely special to them. ( I'm a great believer in our own handwriting and meaningful stories being used)
 All this while crafting, enjoying good company and leaving our cares somewhere else.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Lifted Up!

There's an advertising slogan, "Beautiful one day, perfect the next!" that we see on our TV as Summer approaches.

Well that's what it's been like this weekend at Idyll Hours. What's more, it's a long weekend here too, so today we will take time to stop and smell the roses. No....make that....admire the orchids!

You could have knocked me down with a feather on Friday afternoon when a pair of feet pounded up the stairs and a glorious bouquet was handed to me by a delivery man. Who, why jumped into my brain! Then I read the card and tears sprang from my eyes.

A lovely Time To Create customer in her heartfelt note had reached out to me. We have emailed a few times and shared a little of the stress and fear that has swirled about Super Star and myself over the past weeks.

Such extraordinary kindness!

No matter what horrors flood into our psyche from the 24 hour news cycle we must always believe.
Believe that compassion and generosity of spirit does indeed lift us up. And when we are lifted up, in turn, we lift others.

Today, I share my beautiful surprise to all of you who have stopped by. Enjoy and know that you have power...power to spread joy, in a million ways, as often as we can.
My heartfelt thanks to you Marji!

PS Crafty little "WhatIF" is keen to attempt to duplicate this riotously happy colour!
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