Friday, 3 July 2015

We each have such rich stories to tell!

I know that quite a few people out there think that Memory Keeping - I don't like the term scrapbooking is naff and old.
I'm not one of them!

When we take our photos and see the untold stories that are encapsulated in a moment in time, creating layouts and other off the page pieces is a chance to add and enrich our personal history.

 Family and friends are often far away from us and there is little time when they do come to visit to look at photos. In fact, often, we are so busy catching up and enjoying each other's company we forget to take photos and if we do they are trapped and never printed.

When you look at "Be Still" what do you see? What I felt when making this was that I needed to remind myself that my life is probably too busy!

 Little did I know when holding Bella that this would be one of the last photos of us together. There was sadness and nostalgia enveloping me as I created this. The tatty doiley, is one of my mums and would without doubt have ended up in an op shop.

Getting to Minyon Falls does take effort as the road - track really, is windy and unpredictable. But when I get there it is worth every effort. I appreciate the tranquillity and wildness that is local to me.
The purity of the air always lifts my spirit and sustains me.

Our wonderful, wild boy has come into our lives this year and is the closest I will ever have to a grandchild. He is determined, loving and so full of joy. Here the photo reflects that I had told him at least a dozen times not to climb on the table. He's seizing me up.....What will Aunty Julie do next?

This may be from long ago but this girl still loves the sea, she is soothed by the wash of the sea and invigorated by the wild freedom.

As Memory Makers and Story Tellers it is empowering to be able to capture snippets and snatches of our richly wonderful experiences. The act of making has so many layers, the act of sharing so many more and the act of keeping our history is priceless.

This weekend out at Time To Create there will be many enthusiastic Master Craftswomen all engaged happily in the telling of their stories......what's more, there will be sharing and caring and quite a lot of laughs too.
Does it get any better than that?

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Shred's and Patches - Rhedd's 1st July

A snatch of song from the Mikado was the inspiration for this make--- "a wandering minstrel I, a thing of shreds and patches"

 There is, where I live, no need for heavy winter clothing. It is usually mild and when it does cool down it is a brief affair. Usually, I dress in a long sleeve cotton Tshirt and add a vest. I enjoy dressing up this simple clothing with scarves.

I know I'm odd. I love fibres and wools and buy many. Currently however, I neither knit nor crochet with them. Stitching with them is a favourite and that is what I have done here!

 The patches are hand made kantha cloth pieces. I love that these little pieces of exquisite fabric are being saved and re-used from textile pieces that can be exquisite in the details. Kantha Cloth is pieced and stitched to make it stronger and pieces for the home, like bedspreads and cushions are popular.
My Kantha pieces are tiny fragments and remnants that I bought at a craft show.

I wanted the scarf to have a handmade feel to it. These are lovely to make as I make them in strips and then join the pieces together. This is usually a late night project as I find stitching a calming experience.

My Shreds and Patches Scarf is unique and that too is something that I love!

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